North Central Regional Aeropress Championship is open to participants who live or work in these states:


The rules are simple.

Competitors will have 8 minutes to prepare 1 aeropress, this includes prep time and brew time. Failure to serve your coffee in 8 minutes will mean disqualification. The beverage must be approximately 200 ml in size and served in the provided cup. You must provide your recipe in writing to the judges. It will not be factored in the judging. 

Competitors will be randomly placed in groups of 3 (2 if necessary) and will compete head-to-head. The winner will advance to the next round. The 3 judges will select their favorite coffee without deliberations. If all 3 judges select a different coffee, judging will be determined by selection of their second favorite coffee. 

The coffee used is up to the competitor. It must however be from Colombia. The coffee must also be in-season. It must be no less than 12 months off harvest. Cafe Imports has provided one of their ACES coffees, a micro lot from Colombia, to be roasted by Anthology Coffee. This will be available for all to compete with and will be available as early March 8th at Anthology Coffee for practice. 


The competitor may also use any water they wish.  The supplied water is filtered Detroit water, provided by Anthology Coffee. If you wish to use a different water, you must provide this water and a device in which to heat it (such as an electric kettle).


All competitors must check-in by 2:30PM on competition day. If you are not checked in on time, your spot will be relinquished. Once you check in, you may leave but must be present and ready for your start time.